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Services Offered

We make it easy to find an appointment time that works for you, with evening appointments available.

  • Preventative Care

  • Wellness Checks

  • Diabetes Management

  • Blood Pressure Management

  • Well Woman Exams

  • Diagnotic Testing

  • Weight Management

  • HIV Testing and Treatment

Preventaitve Screenings

We help you get connected to the preventative screens that you need to keep health problems from developing into chronic conditions. Many types of screenings and tests can catch a disease before it starts or in its early stages.

Common Preventative Screenings include Mammograms, Colorectal Cancer, and Cervical Cancer Screenings.

Speak with your doctor about which screenings are suggested for your age and family health history.

Geriatric Care

Geriatric care is a general term describing the management of healthcare for aging individuals. We can help you and your loved ones to focus on the five M's of Geriatrics:

  • Mind - maintain healthy mental activity
  • Mobility - Maintaining the ability to walk and stay mobile
  • Managing Medications
  • Multi complexity - managing a variety of health conditions a
  • Matters Most - manage health goals. and coordinating advance care planning

Diabetic Eye Screens

Diabetic eye screens are available onsite for uninsured patients at risk for Diabetic Retinopathy.

Diabetic eye exams are similar to regular eye exams in many ways. This exam will specifically focus on the health of your retina and blood vessels in your eye.

Ask your doctor for more information!

Meet our Team

Our experienced group of Physicians and Nurse Practitioners is ready to help you!

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April Loveless <br>Project Coordinator

Nelly Garcia Blow, D.O.

Chief Medical Officer

Judith Rubano, M.D.<br> Internal Medicine

Judith Rubano, M.D.

Corpus Christi

Scott Krall, M.D.

Scott Krall, M.D.

Corpus Christi

Luis Fuentes, D.O. <br>Internal Medicine<br>

Luis Fuentes, D.O.


Vicky Perez, PAR

Mfon Ofong, FNP

Corpus Christi

Kimberly Price, F.N.P.<br> Family Practice

Kimberly Price, FNP

Corpus Christi

Vicky Perez, PAR

Molly West, FNP

Corpus Christi